Agricultural Monitoring System in South Africa

7 Ways Agrigistics Does Agricultural Monitoring Differently

Agrigistics is a farm operating system that allows farmers to oversee their entire farming operation without physically being present. Our agricultural monitoring system was built in collaboration with farmers, keeping in mind the specific grievances that farmers encounter on a daily basis. 

This leads us to the million-dollar question, what makes the Agrigistics agricultural monitoring system different from the other farm management systems available on the South African market? 

  1. The system is accessible through any smartphone.
  2. It has a user-friendly interface.
  3. Your farming data automatically syncs to the cloud, this replaces the need to plug anything in. It is an effortless system that completely removes paper-based monitoring.
  4. You are able to monitor all of your farm operations on one system which includes: labour, time and attendance, packhouse monitoring, chemical and fertiliser applications and fuel consumption. You no longer have to manage multiple systems to get an overview of your farm. 
  5. The initial capital investment is minimal, you only need a single device and a few wristbands to get started.
  6. Agrigistics is not limited to a specific type of farm, it can be implemented on any  labour intensive farming operation. The Agrigistics Farm Operating Software is currently used on fruit, vegetables, nuts, citrus, herbs and spices, dairy and coffee bean farms.
  7. Proactive vs reactive approach. We integrate seamlessly with your farming operations to allow staff on the ground to capture information in an easy and simple manner. No data input is required to be read in after a hard day’s work.

Agrigistics has a dedicated customer success team that is equipped to answer and support our farmers. You will be put in contact with someone who understands the intricacies of your farm and they will be able to assist you immediately.

Get in contact with Agrigistics through our website or give our Operational Manager a call +27 84 299 6791