The Agrigistics Sales Team has expanded by two new members.

We have been overwhelmed by the increasing demand for our Agricultural Monitoring Solution, we have over 50 active sites and are growing by the day. We are grateful to our amazing farmers for referring us and ensuring that our business grows to its maximum potential. However, we aim to be an indispensable part of farming operations throughout Africa and that means our main goal is GROWTH.

We are excited to welcome Etlenei Vivier and Erné Ankiewicz to our sales team as Agrigistics’s first two Junior Sales Representatives! These two ladies will be responsible for :

  1. Researching and identifying potential clients through various channels
  2. Reaching out to potential prospects through cold calls and emails                 
  3. Giving new potential customers an amazing first impression and helping them understand the value of using Agrigistics                                                 
  4. Helping to develop and improve our processes for reaching new companies
  5. Setting up face-to-face meetings with potential clients

Etlenei Vivier is no stranger to farming and grew up on a farm in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.  This gives her an extensive database of knowledge on how farms operate and how to work with farmers. She studied a BSC in Physiology and Psychology from the North West University and is excited to move her focus to build strong connections with farmers and allow them to see the value of an agricultural operating system on their farm!

Erné Ankiewicz comes from a marketing background and as sales are one of the most vital functions in marketing, we think this appointment fits like a glove! Erné is busy completing her Postgraduate Degree from IMM Graduate School of Marketing, we believe that this will give her that strategic edge in finding incredible leads and connecting with the farmers immediately! 

The Agrigistics team is incredibly excited for the start of their journey and not only to see how they assist in our business’s growth but their professional growth as well! 

Out of the hundreds of applications, these two ladies stood out and we wish them all the best on their Agrigistics journey!