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User and Employee Login v0.7.71

We are excited to announce a new update that will increase the ease of use on the device for both employees and portal users.

Agrigistics Portal Improvements Oct 2020

Chemicals & Fertigation For each application method, provide the duration of the application in the field Chemical Product Report: Condensed layout on mobile devices for ease of viewing Start and end times of each application Weather conditions Filter all products applied to a specific block Added supervisor and employee Add notes to each application for …

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Updates 11/08/2020

Tables All tables now supports the functionality to have multiple active searches. Typing into the search box at the top of the table will allow you to filter all the data in the table. Clicking on the magnifying class next to a column name will allow you to filter only on that specific column.  Chemical …

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Updates – 11/06/2020

Data review – Incorrect Data Android device Mark all incorrect items on the device for review. Online Portal Visit the online portal and navigate to Data review. In the last column, items to be reviewed will be marked with a red icon. To view all reviewed items between a date, sort by review column. To …

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Updates 05/06/2020

Update notifications All recent updates to the system can be viewed by clicking on the updates icon located in the top toolbar.  Activities Separate activities from packhouse by changing the packhouse field. Set activities as inactive if they are not currently in use. Inactive activities can be activated by enabling the ‘Show inactive activities’ filter. …

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Updates 03/06/2020

Attendance Dashboard View a daily summary of all employee attendance with first and most recent clock in and clock outs. View a daily summary of team attendance. Quality of life updates Area Mapping Moved to Management / Areas Farms Moved to Management / Areas Area Management Block table now sorts by block name by default. …

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Updates 2020/05/29

Improve Data Review Historic data and new items can be added under the data review section. All fields are displayed in the tables associated with the item. Incorrect harvest items can be reviewed, edited and approved. Detailed search per columns can be done and exported to excel with regards to the specific filter. Packhouse Setup …

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Updates 14/05/2020

Activity Measurement Employee activities can now be defined and measured on the device just like harvesting. To get started, on the Agrigistics web page navigate to Management / Employees and select the Activities tab. In the table there will be a new column Measurement which is the definition of how this activity will be measured. …

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Updates 30/04/2020

Online Portal When importing employees, existing employees’ names and surnames will be updated if their employee numbers are the same. Delete employee teams. Area Mapping – The process of adding geo-fences has been simplified. Previous Next Application – V0.3.17 Harvest Summary: View total harvest units for all employees on the device. Performance improvements on all …

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