Agricultural Monitoring System in South Africa

Agrigistics is operating all over South Africa

Agrigistics has been operating on farms in Southern Africa since 2018. We have a paperless agricultural monitoring system in South Africa that stores all the data in the cloud. 

Agrigistics was built to accommodate all labour intensive farming operations from day one. We already have more than forty sites up and running on the Agrigistics platform across the country, covering a wide spectrum of produce and multiple types of farming. 

Brits and North West

Agrigistics’ origins are from the Brits, North West area where the system was designed and built-in conjunction with an innovative vegetable farmer; Modelpak. After multiple site visits and iterations, a solution was developed to assist them with their daily struggles and provide them with a fully functional farm operating system. Since then, our agricultural monitoring system has spread like wildfire across the Brits and North West area and we now have ten farms actively using the system to not only track their fruit and vegetables but also herbs, spices and citrus.

Hazyview and Mbombela

The Hazyview and Mbombela area in the Lowveld is rich in citrus, avocados and macadamia nuts. This area is thriving with the use of the Agrigistics system. Our farmers in this area use Agrigistics to keep track of their chemical and fertilizer applications on their orchards. They also monitor the fuel consumption of all the vehicles operating on their farms.

Underberg, Kwa-Zulu Natal

Our farmers in Underberg are using the system for potato farming as well as time and attendance on dairy farms. Automated equipment is used for planting and harvesting potatoes in this area. Once the potatoes are harvested, they are in the hands of the farmer’s labour force.  Our time and attendance solution is used to keep track of all of the active hours spent on the dairy farm to ensure optimal productivity.

Bapsfontein and Delmas

This area on the outskirts of Gauteng has a large farming community and mainly focuses on vegetable production including tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and spinach. Our farmers in this area use Agrigistics to keep track of their production and packhouse productivity. They can access historical yield data to determine which varieties of crops outperform others and what the pack-out percentages are inside their packhouse.

Hex River Valley, Western Cape

The Hex River Valley is known for its picturesque scenery and is the largest producer of table grapes in South Africa. Producing table grapes is an extremely labour intensive process requiring multiple rounds of preparation per vineyard to ensure optimal production. Agrigistics allows farmers to track the exact amount of time each employee spends working and breaks it up into different activities and areas. This allows farmers to determine which blocks and varieties are more resource-intensive and also helps to reward the employees that are contributing the most on the farm.

Competitive advantage

Agrigistics gives our farmers a competitive advantage, providing them with the tools to manage the entire lifecycle of their crops, from planting to harvesting to packaging. As a result, our farmers increase their labour efficiency, plant the optimal crops each season and never make the same mistake twice. 

It is imperative to manage, control and measure what you can. That is why most farms in South Africa need an agricultural monitoring system in South Africa like Agrigistics. 

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