The Agrigistics Referral Program

Agrigistics have been expanding not only in our team but our client base as well! Last month we added another 10 who will start running the Agrigistics farm management system on their farms and inside their packhouses.

We have found that our most powerful source of marketing is our farmers and loyal brand ambassadors! Therefore we would like to create the opportunity for anyone who recommends our service to a farmer, who uses our system for MORE THAN A MONTH, to receive a pair of Agrigistics branded Sapmok vellies as a token of our appreciation.

This is how the referral program works:

  1. Refer the farmer to us via our website or email 
  2. We will then run a demo with the farmer to educate him/her on how the Agrigistics system will work on their farm. – Agrigistics – Request a demo 
  3. The farmer MUST use the system for MORE THAN A MONTH.
  4. We get in contact with you, ask for your shoe size, and ship you your very own Agrigistics branded pair of Sapmok vellies

Ts & Cs apply. 

Get referring so that we can start sending out Sapmok vellies!