Agricultural Monitoring in Brits

The first rollout of Agrigistics took place at the end of 2019 at Modelpak, one of the most innovative vegetable farms in South Africa, located in the Brits, North West area. Agrigistics allowed for a quantifiable method of holding each worker accountable throughout their day’s work starting from the moment they clocked in.

What is a Farm Operating System? 

The Agrigistics team quickly realised that the challenges Modelpak faced on a daily basis were not unique to them. The team identified that any commercial farm can level up their productivity and efficiency by monitoring their labour and by using more effective tools than pen and paper or spreadsheets to manage their farm.

Agrigistics is a farm operating system, providing farmers with a single platform to manage all of the most important parts of their farm. The heart of the platform is labour tracking, done through rugged devices and RFID tags. 

From all of the gathered information, we’re able to help farmers manage the entire lifecycle of their crops, from planting to harvesting to packaging. 

Farmers can analyse the yield for every cultivar and most importantly the profitability of each field on their farm. As a result of all this, farms increase labour efficiency, plant the optimal crops each season and never make the same mistake twice.

What Agrigistics measures

  • Time and attendance
  • Labour efficiency
  • Yields per area
  • Packhouse productivity 
  • Pack-out percentages
  • Chemical and fertilizer applications
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Asset tracking

Brits was the first area targeted and with 10 sites running in close  proximity, the Agrigistics team have become area experts. Our clients farm with a wide range of produce including vegetables, citrus and herbs.   

Agrigistics, the answer to your farm’s challenges

With more than 2 million data points housed in our online database, we are in the unique position to provide an educated opinion on the challenges that your farm is facing and offer the best possible solutions. 

How Agrigistics benefits your farm

  • Reducing theft of fresh produce due to each crate being assigned to a specific stakeholder in the harvesting and transport process.
  • Increase in-field productivity of harvesters by rewarding the top achievers for excellent productivity and output.
  • Planning which variants of crops to plant next based on historical yield data.
  • Reduce time spent preparing for GlobalGAP audits by monitoring the applied chemicals and fertilizers in the field as they are being applied.
  • Calculating total production costs for a specific block based on all of the relevant inputs including labour costs, seeds, chemicals and fertilizers and pack out percentages. 

We are one of those systems that nobody knew about and now what farmers cannot live without! Contact us to improve the efficiency and productivity of your farm!