Month: August 2021

Agricultural Monitoring System in South Africa

7 Ways Agrigistics Does Agricultural Monitoring Differently

Agrigistics is a farm operating system that allows farmers to oversee their entire farming operation without physically being present. Our agricultural monitoring system was built in collaboration with farmers, keeping in mind the specific grievances that farmers encounter on a daily basis.  This leads us to the million-dollar question, what makes the Agrigistics agricultural monitoring …

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The Agrigistics Referral Program

Agrigistics have been expanding not only in our team but our client base as well! Last month we added another 10 who will start running the Agrigistics farm management system on their farms and inside their packhouses. We have found that our most powerful source of marketing is our farmers and loyal brand ambassadors! Therefore …

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Agricultural Monitoring in Brits

The first rollout of Agrigistics took place at the end of 2019 at Modelpak, one of the most innovative vegetable farms in South Africa, located in the Brits, North West area. Agrigistics allowed for a quantifiable method of holding each worker accountable throughout their day’s work starting from the moment they clocked in. What is …

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Agrigistics is dedicated to customer service

Agrigistics is incredibly excited to introduce the newest member of our team, Niki Cilliers, the first Agrigistics Customer Success Manager!  Niki studied BCom Communication Management through the University of Pretoria and continued her postgraduate studies through the Institute of Vega. Her degrees set her up to be the best contact point between Agrigistics and our …

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