Agrigistics Team

What we do and Why we do it

Farms feed the nation and to do so many processes are involved including cultivation, harvesting, transport and packaging. Agrigistics was developed through an understanding that the farmer cannot be present at all these stages to ensure that they run smoothly and that each crop is accounted for. Therefore Agrigistics provides farmers with a live overview of their farming operations at any given time, for any process that they would wish to monitor.

More than 10,000 horticultural farmers rely on labour intensive processes throughout South Africa and most are still using pen and paper to manage their farms. Increasingly, it’s becoming troublesome as labour costs are on the rise, farms end up running at a loss due to low yields and farmers are making reactive decisions instead of proactive ones

Agrigistics offers farmers a full spectrum farm operating system that tracks the activities of their labour force using Android devices and RFID tags. This provides the farmer with tools to increase their labour efficiency, plant the optimal crops each season and make informed decisions to increase the overall productivity and efficiency of their farming operation.

Agrigistics tracks the following:

  1. Time and attendance of your labour
  2. Yields per variant
  3. Packhouse activities and productivity
  4. Chemical and fertilizer Applications
  5. Diesel consumption
  6. Asset tracking

The founders of Agrigistics are three university friends who studied together and came across the opportunity to make a massive impact in the agricultural sector.

  1. Johan Ferreira
  2. Luke Kroon 
  3. Cilliers Geldenhuys

Agrigistics benefits farmers of fruit, vegetables, herbs and spices across Africa and is currently running on 50 sites across South Africa, Namibia and Mozambique. The ultimate vision is to be an indispensable part of every farming operation in Africa. 

For more information on Agrigistics visit or contact them on : or +27 84 299 6791